Dekmantel | L.B. Dub Corp - Only The Good Times (Burial Remix)
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L.B. Dub Corp Only The Good Times (Burial Remix)

€14.00 Release date: 03 May 2024


Tracklist 12" White Label

  • Only The Good Times (Original Version)
  • Only The Good Times (Burial Remix)

“For me ‘Only the Good Times’ is a deeply emotional track. It’s one of those tracks, that ended up entwined in love and somehow life affirming. My immediate thought was to get Burial to remix it, not only because he is one of the most entrancing producers ever, but also because of our heart felt connection and to get him away from his Playstation for ten seconds. Thank you Arnol, Will and everyone else connecting to the music ♥️”

L.B. Dub Corp - Only the Good Times // original version + Burial remix

Cut direct from studio tape master to limited white label vinyl // Part of the forthcoming album “Saturn to Home” which will be out on Dekmantel later this month.